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Veiled Within

she journeyed within the circles of the violent storm which, keeps hitting her, over and over,  and over and over again;
 but she doesn't stop,  she doesn't give in;  she still stays strong,  and doesn't move. she takes one resolute step after another though left in broken pieces she, doesn't even try, to collect herself together
the anger throbs in her head,  the frustration seeps in,   the obsession unravels yet she remains hidden
but as her feelings  find their way she ardently starts to pray because,  she doesn't want her eyes  to give her secrets away...

your mellow murmurs

i will drift away
as i hear you sing, and your beautiful voice in my eyes will bring, tears surging out,  like summer spring;
so i will close my eyes,  let it flow as my dreams will slowly,  grow two wings and even if, you let me go you will still be my prince
but hand in hand, we will walk the path as your mellow murmurs, soothe my heart,  we will cross each journey with that silent vow to never loose hope to never part  <3

Dear, You...

...every once in a life, we get that one person, who reflects back on our every action, reaction and words.

i found that person three years back.

you came to me in form of a best friend, an angel sent down from heaven, 
someone sent to guide me right, to be there for me each night, to care for me, and to act not like a shadow, but merrily, a mirror
I was the barren land and you were its first dandelion

when I went silent,
you became my words,

when I closed my eyes,
you opened yours wide,

when I felt myself slipping away,
you held on tight

and when I fell in the darkness of despair,
you were the only light

I still remember,
the way my hope had once shattered

and the way you collected it
and saved it from going to tatters

the way you willingly offered your luck
when I lost mine

and the way you gave your heart
even when I broke yours outright

but my angel always remember
that no matter what i do, or say

i still love you, without a doubt
you are a secret, I am obsessed about

a sweet memory i can, never drive …

Riding a seesaw life...

Isn't it amazing, how that one person can mean so much, the way the same person, who makes you cry the most, could make you laugh the hardest too...!

Isnt it weird, how we can smile so much, when the others are so sad

ever wondered how when one person dies, another arrives

ever realized the way there is a day and a night

the way there's heaven and hell!

the way things end, but always with a beginning...

the way there is life and death
..devils and angels 

...tears and smiles...

ever considered how the summer is always replaced by the winter, and the sun always by the moon!

how some people have a thousand enemies, but then have that one friend, who  is worth those thousands.

we are living at a delicate balance, its not always about reaching the sky, but sometimes, we gotta look down, and realize that, we can get tired of flying one day...

life is like a seesaw, you got to balance it right, or else you will end up crashing down.

Keeping Faith

Liberating his grip, he watches it fall away; watches the petite granules of time flow away with the wind, sees them getting caught here and there, everywhere but him.
He is loosing her, feels her crumbling away...and the harder he holds on, the more it flakes off!
Blinded by fate’s sharp turns, he was left alone, with nothing to think, nothing to loose, nothing to feel, but her unattainable presence.
he walked along the path clueless, not knowing where to go, not knowing what to do, what to look ahead to and what to wish! It’s a trail leading him through the graveyard of his memories, and he walks wordlessly.

no one knows the storm inside no one knows the battles he fight no one knows its he, who was left behind
It had all come back, what he forever wanted had returned to him, what he wanted to hear was finally heard by him, what he wanted to see was finally seen by him, but he lied there feeling less! Not knowing how to answer...! he is so used to being lonely, so used to the cruel feeling…


Thinking of a happy place I am trying to escape, This life’s fast pace But my mind is in disgrace I feel so misplaced Forgot what I started with, forgot my base
And now I hesitate I frown and I hate I want to find an opening  I want to find your face
But I think its too late Because, Though all this time I have been, Trying to erase. And all this time I have been, Trying to replace But you have left me so dazed I am so lost in this maze
I want to find an opening,  I want to find another way
Because I get stuck halfway When I think about those days And feel you slip away I want to have the old you But then I see you go your way
I am desperate to find an opening To find an exit gate.

p.s: i know this piece is a little raw, but i tried so hard to fair it out, it didnt work, i guess words aren't enough to describe how i really felt while writing this.

Her Frail Strength

the cold keeps meeting her halfway
the night slowly crawls, over her bright days
and though the sunlight breaks away,
she walks,obliviously, carrying her broken faith

her stilted smile still remains
without a droplet from her eyes 
she drenches, in the rain
she is so dispassionate and stultified
yet she doesn't complain

she makes up her mind,
not to turn back
decides to leave it all behind
and prepares to combat

but as a vestige of memories,
suddenly break, and enter
her mind refuses to give in
her heart surrenders
and she unwillingly drifts away again,
to all that she still remembers

Negativity, so not our thing!

hey guys em back again finally done with exams and school stuff...:)

last night i went over this massive argument with my dad about the "youth" said they used to be more productive in "his days"...and i was like "no they weren't, because in your days, all they used to be productive about was about THEIR lives, not others"...he completely disagreed, saying that the youth today is very disobedient and rude, he told me that if I was the youth from "his days"..then i wouldn't have argued about this point" <roll eyes> that comment just fumed me up, and agitated i realized that i just HAD to vent everything out here!

because the question of the X generations regard for their elders doesn't merely get answered by a simple "yes" or "no"... in fact this global argument can never be fully satisfied unless we look at it from all dimensions!

Sure i do find a lot of teenagers lacking reverence for the…

Consciousness regained...!

everything starts to spin,  she smiles..and her heart laughs out in glee... "finally a change, finally death has taken out its time to knock on her door" with that thought, darkness encases her, and she falls...

 ...conciousness regained...

she wakes up to find tears in her eyes

she cries to see... no angels by her side; she cries out loud... because she cant forget; she cries so hard... because she regrets; she wishes it to end
desires the broken heart to mend she yearns to die inclines to escape... the sullen goodbye;  she wishes him to be her strength again rather then just a weakness... that drives her insane...!

upon waking up,she starts to weep, because maybe, when she fell in the deep slumber, she didn't really want to wake up again.

when faith turns to distrust
care turns in oblivion smiles change in despair minutes become hours when tears burn in anger and promise

Life as we know it:)

dwelling upon those well-spent days...
and the people, who made them that way
i cant help but wish 
to build a bridge,
that would get me across the memory lane
and lead me back home,
where those distant faces linger
with those ever lasting smiles
and those happy tears

As i try and fight the nostalgia, 
which builds up inside of me
i feel so stuck halfway
because i know now,
that no matter how long i try to cling on
to those times,
they would still slip away,

and if only,
time would rejuvenate 

when i stare out into that past
i remember nothing, 
yet, i recall the gain

but then the remains
of those scattered memories remind me...
that i could not blame anyone,
for not staying the same
since its just life playing,
playing, its most played game:)

redeemed by a dream

...As I bent down to give the finishing touches to the backdrop we were preparing for the school carnival,  I saw you from the corner of my were walking away with your head bent down...and my heart wrenched as it longed to get some warmth which could only be obtained by your loves radiation.
but it seemed unattainable, we had kept fighting vainly for days...and the tunnel of dejection seemed kept stretching on callously and mercilessly...without letting even a ray of hope pass through it. Deep in my heart, I had forgiven you for whatever you did...and deeper in my heart, I knew that, you had forgiven me too...but God knows what was stopping us, God knows why we had suddenly become the same poles of different magnets.  I knew that I didn't have much time left, it was now or never, because after an hour from then, you were going to leave town for a week or so...and I knew that such distance would make our hearts colder towards each other, they would become so col…

my pretty winged angel :)

I love you a lot
my sweet angel
because you were always right beside me
you vowed to see to me
you loved me for my silly things
and you always, always cared

i adore you my little angel
because you were the one who understands
the only moon beam on my golden sand
the one with the extended hand
and the one who loved me, for who i am

 my bitter-sweet angel
with whom childhood secrets i had shared
you sometimes brought me to tears
through laughter or through fears
but i know you were always near
because in the end you were always there

i miss you my pretty winged angel
and though you are faraway
deep in my heart, you will forever stay
my cool breeze,in the hot may
i love you and i will always say
that you still know exactly how,
to make my day :)

something simple, i wrote for a friend of mine a year back...:)
it isnt something that great, but the person i wrote it for is all what matters:)

lullaby for my mortal angel:)

sleep sweet my angel,sleep sweet
get in those covers, and in your white bed...
forget about everything
to rest your insomniac head!

sleep sweet my angel sleep sweet.
and when you seal your eyes...
escape from this world...
go up above high
and when you touch the velvet sky
do bid goodbye
to all evil, to all lies
and darling please
when you fall in your deep slumber...
do fall...with a happy state of mind!

sleep sweet my angel,sleep sweet
and when you start to deem
forget about every misery you deem
make sure you follow that silver beam
because i am certain, that your final destiny
will give you all you need

but as you proceed...
and suddenly remember me...
who is left here crying about your finalty
who is lost in the pages of your mortality
who said she will love you...for eternity
then you should know...
that darling please
when  you see me weep
dont for a second destroy your sweet sleep
because there is someone else...
whose love is full of divinity
its the God above...who loves you more, who loves you deep
who sa…
Darn Darn Darn.....ever had one of those bad days when "bad" seems to be an understatement for the label of the day!:@

well i am having that kinda of A DAmned day! :#

its that kind of a day when nothing seems to be going annoying Ufone signals arent shitty texts are not being conveyed to my frend....i am having a bad hair laptob is making weird screeching noises wenever i open tht darn thing,i got showered and literally trampled by the annoyingly correct blames put on me by the teachers at the "orientation" meeting pricked by a broken piece of glass, my best friend just threatened to commit suicide <roll eyes>, fought with my mom, tummy got upset,got into an argument with my frend...and to top it all off...i got so angry due to the above reasons that i BANGED my head on the bathroom tiled wall today....Ugghhhhh....! now i have a stupid red forehead....and i think they are soon gonna get matching red swollen eyes! …

If only...

hmmm....the cloudy skies, the dripping trees, the teary blades of grass, drenched sparrows and the crying sky...:)<sigh> 
what could be more lovely,divine or extraordinary then these exquisite sights that we nowadays see in Karachi <3...<sigh>
if only this incredibly delightful weather would be accompanied by better conditions in most of the cities of Pakistan, if only this overwhelming weather would bring about some literacy or justice in Pakistan, if only this awe-inspiring weather ushers in some honesty, humanity and fear in our politicians!
Damn all the parties....Damn to all those voters...Damn to all those politicians...Damn us for not waking up...Damn Damn Damn...! :@ :\ Damn everybody for not making the best of this weather...! :\
may God grant us the serenity to accept things we couldn't change, the courage to change things we can...and the wisdom to now the difference...!

Hold On :)...

the pain still resides i have tried pushing it aside dont want to let it all out but dont want to keep it inside
i m hoping it burns away... leaving no stain on my profound state what if in my heart it dies leaving traces of those self-inflicting lies
oh what if pain digs its grave here? what if i coudnt run anywhere? when would i get rid of these fears? my sacs are filled with these foreboding tears.
help me get rid of this uncertainity would get killed by this insecurity you have this superiority which in my heart gives way to inferiority
what if theres no end what if my heart never mends why cant lifes rules be bent maybe these pains were Godsent..!
maybe there always comes a time when the sun doesnt shine when life leaves us behind when only memories leave us feeling divine
but what really matters is that spark that glows even if we shatter its called hope a very strong rope it helps us let go of the past makes us recognize that everyday wont be sunny and when we are in the darkness of despair it reminds us that …


he lies, lies wrapped around in those white sheets...
he sees, sees tears rolling down his mothers cheeks...
he hears, hears loud sobs in his sisters voice
he feels, feels helpless because he doesnt have a choice

he looks up, and sees the devils face
its laughing hysterically,laughing without grace
as he sees its eyes filled with malice
he couldn't help but pine, for those wasted days

he stares towards the heaven
sees an angel crying on the seventh
they say ,he would have been able, to reach there level
if in transgression..he hadn't fallen

but now all he can do is frenetically wait
to enter in those, inexcusable gates
a place that's not of bliss, but of abyss
for he had been sinful in all life's ways 
and he couldn't get it right now
because, regretfully ,its just too late...

" i am not scared of dying, i am scared of the deedless bags i would be carrying to my Lord"