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Dear, You...

...every once in a life, we get that one person, who reflects back on our every action, reaction and words.

i found that person three years back.

you came to me in form of a best friend, an angel sent down from heaven, 
someone sent to guide me right, to be there for me each night, to care for me, and to act not like a shadow, but merrily, a mirror
I was the barren land and you were its first dandelion

when I went silent,
you became my words,

when I closed my eyes,
you opened yours wide,

when I felt myself slipping away,
you held on tight

and when I fell in the darkness of despair,
you were the only light

I still remember,
the way my hope had once shattered

and the way you collected it
and saved it from going to tatters

the way you willingly offered your luck
when I lost mine

and the way you gave your heart
even when I broke yours outright

but my angel always remember
that no matter what i do, or say

i still love you, without a doubt
you are a secret, I am obsessed about

a sweet memory i can, never drive …