Sunday, 7 August 2011

sick of cliched endings! is my end all that PREDICTABLE?

..."she says..'i love you'...
'i love you too darling' comes the reply...
they hold at each other...and walk in the sunset...happily ever after..." 

she wakes up...the mornings breaks...and so does her dream...:P...wakey wakey sweetheart...time for a REALITY CHECK!:D
do you really think ALL happily ever afterS lie in a guy??? uhh dont you find that a bit i dont knowww...ummm ..humdrum??

sue you DISNEY for making every girl believe that she has a dream prince waiting for her...!

i mean Come on...wasnt love supposed to be RARE?

and if happiness was found only in a LOVE life...where did money, youth,friendship,religion and experience go?

if happily ever afterS occurred only in sunsets and moonlights... wouldn't there be a desperate need for a traffic time police in order to please every love couple who want their blissful finale to take place in sunsets and moonlights

wasn't love supposed to be UNEXPECTED...EXCITING..ERRATIC .and blah blah blah blah blah! wouldnt it be very predictable if in the end we all were supposed to set off hand in hand with a guy!

lets take a shot at reality...!
did you know that there are about 50% heartbroken people in pakistan?
did you have any idea that About 50% of first marriages for men under age 45 end in
divorce, and between 44 and 52% of women's first marriages
end in divorce in united states?
i read a fact that states "the likelihood of a divorce
is lowest for men and women AFTER age 60, from whom 36 % of men
and 32 percent of women are already divorced from their first marriage ( HOW outrageously UNROMANTIC is that?) 
so lemme again invite you to reality...! and (with a serious sappy tone in my voice) lemme make it clear...
...its not necessary that if we end up dumped,heartbroken and abandoned...we have a happily NEVER after ahead of just means that our happily ever after lies in something other then relationships...maybe our happily ever after lies in just...moving on...or letting go...maybe it lies in...compromising..and arranged marriages...:)
life isn't all about love...its about a teaspoon of brains and a sprinkle of practicality too...:)...( BTW a teaspoon is alawt...imagine how bitter would your tea be without a TEASPOON of suger) :D

p.s: i didn't mean to burst every committed persons bubble by writing this article...i just wanted to let it out..that  life has different in store for each of us...!;) and trust me its has the best:)