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Hold On :)...

the pain still resides i have tried pushing it aside dont want to let it all out but dont want to keep it inside
i m hoping it burns away... leaving no stain on my profound state what if in my heart it dies leaving traces of those self-inflicting lies
oh what if pain digs its grave here? what if i coudnt run anywhere? when would i get rid of these fears? my sacs are filled with these foreboding tears.
help me get rid of this uncertainity would get killed by this insecurity you have this superiority which in my heart gives way to inferiority
what if theres no end what if my heart never mends why cant lifes rules be bent maybe these pains were Godsent..!
maybe there always comes a time when the sun doesnt shine when life leaves us behind when only memories leave us feeling divine
but what really matters is that spark that glows even if we shatter its called hope a very strong rope it helps us let go of the past makes us recognize that everyday wont be sunny and when we are in the darkness of despair it reminds us that …