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lullaby for my mortal angel:)

sleep sweet my angel,sleep sweet
get in those covers, and in your white bed...
forget about everything
to rest your insomniac head!

sleep sweet my angel sleep sweet.
and when you seal your eyes...
escape from this world...
go up above high
and when you touch the velvet sky
do bid goodbye
to all evil, to all lies
and darling please
when you fall in your deep slumber...
do fall...with a happy state of mind!

sleep sweet my angel,sleep sweet
and when you start to deem
forget about every misery you deem
make sure you follow that silver beam
because i am certain, that your final destiny
will give you all you need

but as you proceed...
and suddenly remember me...
who is left here crying about your finalty
who is lost in the pages of your mortality
who said she will love you...for eternity
then you should know...
that darling please
when  you see me weep
dont for a second destroy your sweet sleep
because there is someone else...
whose love is full of divinity
its the God above...who loves you more, who loves you deep
who sa…
Darn Darn Darn.....ever had one of those bad days when "bad" seems to be an understatement for the label of the day!:@

well i am having that kinda of A DAmned day! :#

its that kind of a day when nothing seems to be going annoying Ufone signals arent shitty texts are not being conveyed to my frend....i am having a bad hair laptob is making weird screeching noises wenever i open tht darn thing,i got showered and literally trampled by the annoyingly correct blames put on me by the teachers at the "orientation" meeting pricked by a broken piece of glass, my best friend just threatened to commit suicide <roll eyes>, fought with my mom, tummy got upset,got into an argument with my frend...and to top it all off...i got so angry due to the above reasons that i BANGED my head on the bathroom tiled wall today....Ugghhhhh....! now i have a stupid red forehead....and i think they are soon gonna get matching red swollen eyes! …

If only...

hmmm....the cloudy skies, the dripping trees, the teary blades of grass, drenched sparrows and the crying sky...:)<sigh> 
what could be more lovely,divine or extraordinary then these exquisite sights that we nowadays see in Karachi <3...<sigh>
if only this incredibly delightful weather would be accompanied by better conditions in most of the cities of Pakistan, if only this overwhelming weather would bring about some literacy or justice in Pakistan, if only this awe-inspiring weather ushers in some honesty, humanity and fear in our politicians!
Damn all the parties....Damn to all those voters...Damn to all those politicians...Damn us for not waking up...Damn Damn Damn...! :@ :\ Damn everybody for not making the best of this weather...! :\
may God grant us the serenity to accept things we couldn't change, the courage to change things we can...and the wisdom to now the difference...!