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Negativity, so not our thing!

hey guys em back again finally done with exams and school stuff...:)

last night i went over this massive argument with my dad about the "youth" said they used to be more productive in "his days"...and i was like "no they weren't, because in your days, all they used to be productive about was about THEIR lives, not others"...he completely disagreed, saying that the youth today is very disobedient and rude, he told me that if I was the youth from "his days"..then i wouldn't have argued about this point" <roll eyes> that comment just fumed me up, and agitated i realized that i just HAD to vent everything out here!

because the question of the X generations regard for their elders doesn't merely get answered by a simple "yes" or "no"... in fact this global argument can never be fully satisfied unless we look at it from all dimensions!

Sure i do find a lot of teenagers lacking reverence for the…