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redeemed by a dream

...As I bent down to give the finishing touches to the backdrop we were preparing for the school carnival,  I saw you from the corner of my were walking away with your head bent down...and my heart wrenched as it longed to get some warmth which could only be obtained by your loves radiation.
but it seemed unattainable, we had kept fighting vainly for days...and the tunnel of dejection seemed kept stretching on callously and mercilessly...without letting even a ray of hope pass through it. Deep in my heart, I had forgiven you for whatever you did...and deeper in my heart, I knew that, you had forgiven me too...but God knows what was stopping us, God knows why we had suddenly become the same poles of different magnets.  I knew that I didn't have much time left, it was now or never, because after an hour from then, you were going to leave town for a week or so...and I knew that such distance would make our hearts colder towards each other, they would become so col…

my pretty winged angel :)

I love you a lot
my sweet angel
because you were always right beside me
you vowed to see to me
you loved me for my silly things
and you always, always cared

i adore you my little angel
because you were the one who understands
the only moon beam on my golden sand
the one with the extended hand
and the one who loved me, for who i am

 my bitter-sweet angel
with whom childhood secrets i had shared
you sometimes brought me to tears
through laughter or through fears
but i know you were always near
because in the end you were always there

i miss you my pretty winged angel
and though you are faraway
deep in my heart, you will forever stay
my cool breeze,in the hot may
i love you and i will always say
that you still know exactly how,
to make my day :)

something simple, i wrote for a friend of mine a year back...:)
it isnt something that great, but the person i wrote it for is all what matters:)