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Stranger than fiction...MY HERO!

as the cold water clings to me and forces me down, i fight with it, but my strength is failing me, 
so i give up the fight...

it all started,
with my mom screaming at me for being late from the party,
" you are one of THE MOST irresponsible,INSOLENT, SPOILT, and STUBBORN brat-like daughter, i have EVER produced"
"MOM! dont you thing you are over reacting?"
"over reactin OVER REACTING? i will show you whats OVER REACTING!"
<throwing her big blue shoe at me>

she was going berserk, and was screaming at the top of her lungs,
struck by the shoe, i compeletly lost it!
 i grabbed my car keys, and strutted out the front door saying," dont wait up for me mom, you won't be seeing me anytime soon"

driving out the car porch, i steered my car in the worst possible manner ever!
breaking every red signal, and ignoring every speed limit sign,

stopping by the nearby superstore, i grabbed a sackful of beer, and drank it,
50 miles after, i stopped by another super mar…