Saturday, 5 November 2011


Thinking of a happy place
I am trying to escape,
This life’s fast pace
But my mind is in disgrace
I feel so misplaced
Forgot what I started with, forgot my base

And now I hesitate
I frown and I hate
I want to find an opening 
I want to find your face

But I think its too late
Though all this time I have been,
Trying to erase.
And all this time I have been,
Trying to replace
But you have left me so dazed
I am so lost in this maze

I want to find an opening, 
I want to find another way

Because I get stuck halfway
When I think about those days
And feel you slip away
I want to have the old you
But then I see you go your way

I am desperate to find an opening
To find an exit gate.

p.s: i know this piece is a little raw, but i tried so hard to fair it out, it didnt work, i guess words aren't enough to describe how i really felt while writing this.