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he lies, lies wrapped around in those white sheets...
he sees, sees tears rolling down his mothers cheeks...
he hears, hears loud sobs in his sisters voice
he feels, feels helpless because he doesnt have a choice

he looks up, and sees the devils face
its laughing hysterically,laughing without grace
as he sees its eyes filled with malice
he couldn't help but pine, for those wasted days

he stares towards the heaven
sees an angel crying on the seventh
they say ,he would have been able, to reach there level
if in transgression..he hadn't fallen

but now all he can do is frenetically wait
to enter in those, inexcusable gates
a place that's not of bliss, but of abyss
for he had been sinful in all life's ways 
and he couldn't get it right now
because, regretfully ,its just too late...

" i am not scared of dying, i am scared of the deedless bags i would be carrying to my Lord"

A whisper...

...she curls up uncomfortably in her warm yet cold bed, and her head desperately reaches to rest on her she dives,deeper in the blanket...she still finds it impossible to hide herself away...she wants to submerge herself even more in the unfathomable darkness...the inexhaustible misery keeps pulling her downwards...and the swim through the vortex of her shallow yet boundless dreams seems unending.

she thinks over and over about what had happened, but she is unable to grasp the foundation...unable to blame...unable to face...unable to choose...unable to succumb...yet unable to die...
was it her?...was it him?...or was it just God...?
she desperately waits, for a signal, a sign, a voice, a way...

she could have shifted to the dryer side of the pillow, but she stays on the damp part. she is in love with her desolation, its the only thing that's left of him. 
as the damp pillow becomes more sodden by her nimble tears she laughs out of helplessness and whispers something to the d…

the BIG event! :D

..As my driver impatiently honks through the traffic at Clifton...swearing loudly...i sit at the back, clutching my handbag, and those numerous shopping bags, of J.J, Khadi,Mumtaz Abdullah, Threads & Motives and Sentiments. with this satisfied smile over my face. i had literally surfed through every mall and bazzare of  Karachi with my sister and had shopped till <my driver had> dropped...<seriously i admire his patience to wait for someone like me who is as dreadfully and unbeatably indecisive as me>

its 12:30pm yet still....the roads are crammed full of cars,bikes,rickshaws,buses,chinichis...and whatever kinda transport you can dream of...i mean like even gadha garis!:P.
 but i soooo love it!:D:D:D

 it reminds me that Eid is almost at our doorsteps...and its preparations and shoppings are banging at our doors!:D
i love the way its the only day i wake up early in the have breaksfast...<3
i love the way it makes us sooo rich with EIDI!:D
i love the way…