the BIG event! :D

..As my driver impatiently honks through the traffic at Clifton...swearing loudly...i sit at the back, clutching my handbag, and those numerous shopping bags, of J.J, Khadi,Mumtaz Abdullah, Threads & Motives and Sentiments. with this satisfied smile over my face. i had literally surfed through every mall and bazzare of  Karachi with my sister and had shopped till <my driver had> dropped...<seriously i admire his patience to wait for someone like me who is as dreadfully and unbeatably indecisive as me>

its 12:30pm yet still....the roads are crammed full of cars,bikes,rickshaws,buses,chinichis...and whatever kinda transport you can dream of...i mean like even gadha garis!:P.
 but i soooo love it!:D:D:D

 it reminds me that Eid is almost at our doorsteps...and its preparations and shoppings are banging at our doors!:D
i love the way its the only day i wake up early in the have breaksfast...<3
i love the way it makes us sooo rich with EIDI!:D
i love the way its only eid when i can actually see the floor of my room.
i love the way i wear like something OTHER THAN my normal other words, something more PRESENTABLE =P
i love the chan chan of bangles....and the aroma of mehendi <3

and i love love love the way the whole of KARACHI is so dressed up.
the way each dhaba is lighted up with small shimmery lights...
and the way smiles could be seen across everyones face....the siwayyan and the sheer khurma...<even though i must admit i personaly dont like them..yet they still add a charm to eid>  oh and the chapli kababs and cakes....<3

also i love the way its the first time all masjids are crammed full of people for the Eids special namaz, and the way everyone greets a BIG eid mubarak to each, forgetting all their differences and enmity.

to all the Pakistanis: lets hope this eid will still be as beautiful and joyous as it usually is, lets all pray that we dont get to see anymore sad faces, death, funerals and violence on the roads of karachi...lets hope that the politicians atleast wait for Eid to get past them before solving their never ending disputes...and lets hope that the "hungami halat" of pakistan dont take place on eid day...:)
have an awesome eid everyone :) <3


  1. Beautifully written <3
    'i love the way its only eid when i can actually see the floor of my room.' i bet this must be a come your room be 'spick and span' even if it's the big event... ;)
    let's hope this eid be full of sparks... =)
    Eid mubarak in advance.. :D

  2. Very well written.I love eid, It brings people together. And I love your blog :D The picture of the numerous cars looks so cool. Karachi does really look like the city of lights for once. Anyways, Have a good day :D

  3. @umna...hahahaha true true...:D and thanks!:D

    @fatima....thankyou:)...u have a good day too:)

  4. dont forget the eidi :P

    i luuurve eid too =)

  5. Well the Eidi part and the BREAKFAST part is something i also use to wait and get excited about it :p

    The Way you come back home after Eid namaz and tease your sisters "UTHO soyi pari ha Eid k din :P"

    Well i wish moon could be seen in Pakistan tomorrow. I cant wait for Eid now.

    Awesomly written between :)

  6. @ mahnoor..yeah i mentioned it! :D <3 how cn i frget:D

    @imad...yeah...:)...parso eid hai...:)..because tomorrow its eid in saudia arab :)

  7. Aww I'm glad to see you so happy! :)

  8. Ameen. May we all have an awesome Eid! :)

    It's very well written, captures the essence of the hype of eid. Cant wait for it!!!!! :D :D

  9. yea eid brings such joyful moments.
    v sweet post. following u :)

  10. Eid is the best part of the year. Brings everyone close. :D

    Awesome blog, there! You just gained a follower. :D

  11. swwetly written..n i wish u a happy eid :)

  12. Eid Mubarak >:D<
    I loved the last part :)

  13. @ hazel..awwhh...i always am!:) thnku:)
    @ mist, kiran, maryam, angel in distree and blahblaholic...thankyoouu...!:)))

  14. Eidd mubarak to youu! The preparation for Eid is the BEST part. Chooriyan and mehendiiiiii<3 Love. :D

  15. i was out last night too, and yup the roads were damn jammed, and then me and my uncle and few other guys got out and
    moved people to clear the rood
    that was fun.:D
    and till now were u like sleeping, u did all shopping today, and all the malls were like house full, yet u bought every single thing,
    wow, a big one WOOWWWWW

  16. Wowzers,this is so me! Enjoyed it immensely (:

  17. Happy eid to u and ur family..
    I think theres is no point of choriyans without chan chan:-Pso poetic;-)
    Hope u ppl having a wonderful eid in karachi...s no point of choriyans without chan chan:-Pso poetic;-)
    Hope u ppl having a wonderful eid in karachi...


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