redeemed by a dream

...As I bent down to give the finishing touches to the backdrop we were preparing for the school carnival,  I saw you from the corner of my were walking away with your head bent down...and my heart wrenched as it longed to get some warmth which could only be obtained by your loves radiation.
but it seemed unattainable, we had kept fighting vainly for days...and the tunnel of dejection seemed kept stretching on callously and mercilessly...without letting even a ray of hope pass through it.
Deep in my heart, I had forgiven you for whatever you did...and deeper in my heart, I knew that, you had forgiven me too...but God knows what was stopping us, God knows why we had suddenly become the same poles of different magnets. 
I knew that I didn't have much time left, it was now or never, because after an hour from then, you were going to leave town for a week or so...and I knew that such distance would make our hearts colder towards each other, they would become so cold that after your return they would find it hard to mingle together.

Gathering up all the courage I had, I started walking towards you, and unexpectedly, found you doing the same.
just when we increased the pace of our footsteps, and reached close to each other, something honked from outside the school gates, and you had a terrified expression on your face, you said "I have to go"...and before I could have uttered something, you turned away...and sat in the car which was the main medium to get you far away from me.
Tears filled my eyes...
And I woke up...!
 and sighed, 
A sigh that was a cross breed of relief and regret.

Why is it that realization always touches us, at the end of the day?

i went back to sleep, with a silent resolution that i would not let this dream waste away, i would make it up to you with a big hug as soon as you get back,
because again I knew deep down that i could not live without you, and deeper down, i knew that you couldn't do it either :)


  1. Only one word... BEAUTIFUL!
    You have without a doubt the power to touch hearts with your writing. =) It's an extraordinary piece, a truly wonderful master piece. :D :D A billion thumbs up!

    BTW agree with you, its usually in our nature that 'realization always touches us, at the end of the day' =P Maybe that is the meaning of learning through your mistakes. :)

  2. awwwwwwww....really touching ...:')..:').full on senti....:P..seriously there's no worst feeling than regret...!

  3. @ a drop of tear...:)...thankyou thankyou...:)...yeah nd thts wat i did aftr the dream...i learnt frm my mstake:)

    @muznah..thnki thanki:D:)...agreed wid u sister:D:)

  4. awww :) sometimes our dreams really tell us what we should do :)

    beautifully written :)

  5. @ mahnoor yeah they do:)
    @aman and ovais..thanks:):D

  6. this reached the insides of my soul. truly ardent and profound.

  7. Your another piece of awesomness <3

  8. Wow <3 Beautiful!
    So then, did you go tell him?
    You have an amazing way of writing :)

  9. beautifully written...loved it... i think saying goodbye to someone we love is the hardest thing in our life...

  10. @ the butterfly effect..thankyou..the experince also reachd the inside of my soul:)
    @imad ..thnks:D
    !aasiyah..hehe awww thnx:)
    @blahblaholic...thnx nd yeah i called him the very next day and we made up...:)...this event tuk plce a year bk almst...we r still the bestest of friends M.A:)
    @israr...true...but u dnt hav to say goodbye smtimes u jst hav to realise what went wrong:)

  11. ahhh.........a taj-mahal ov writing ;) heheh no less dan a WONDER.....dat frend of urs is truly BLESSED to hav sum1 lyk u :) :D

  12. @anonymous...i am more lucky to have tht kind of a frend:)
    btw i think i knw who u r:)

  13. The Godfather (Oh yea! i watched that movie! Love it)3 October 2011 at 11:52

    @..the floodgate of feelings..:]

    Yea u r right =P. That anonymous is that SAME person whose bestie is a 'missile' friend! =D

  14. @ the godfather:DDDD
    hahahahahahha idiot...i think i know u too...:D wow...what an amazng meetup place!:D:P


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