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Consciousness regained...!

everything starts to spin,  she smiles..and her heart laughs out in glee... "finally a change, finally death has taken out its time to knock on her door" with that thought, darkness encases her, and she falls...

 ...conciousness regained...

she wakes up to find tears in her eyes

she cries to see... no angels by her side; she cries out loud... because she cant forget; she cries so hard... because she regrets; she wishes it to end
desires the broken heart to mend she yearns to die inclines to escape... the sullen goodbye;  she wishes him to be her strength again rather then just a weakness... that drives her insane...!

upon waking up,she starts to weep, because maybe, when she fell in the deep slumber, she didn't really want to wake up again.

when faith turns to distrust
care turns in oblivion smiles change in despair minutes become hours when tears burn in anger and promise

Life as we know it:)

dwelling upon those well-spent days...
and the people, who made them that way
i cant help but wish 
to build a bridge,
that would get me across the memory lane
and lead me back home,
where those distant faces linger
with those ever lasting smiles
and those happy tears

As i try and fight the nostalgia, 
which builds up inside of me
i feel so stuck halfway
because i know now,
that no matter how long i try to cling on
to those times,
they would still slip away,

and if only,
time would rejuvenate 

when i stare out into that past
i remember nothing, 
yet, i recall the gain

but then the remains
of those scattered memories remind me...
that i could not blame anyone,
for not staying the same
since its just life playing,
playing, its most played game:)