Life as we know it:)

dwelling upon those well-spent days...
and the people, who made them that way
i cant help but wish 
to build a bridge,
that would get me across the memory lane
and lead me back home,
where those distant faces linger
with those ever lasting smiles
and those happy tears

As i try and fight the nostalgia, 
which builds up inside of me
i feel so stuck halfway
because i know now,
that no matter how long i try to cling on
to those times,
they would still slip away,

and if only,
time would rejuvenate 

when i stare out into that past
i remember nothing, 
yet, i recall the gain

but then the remains
of those scattered memories remind me...
that i could not blame anyone,
for not staying the same
since its just life playing,
playing, its most played game:)


  1. .its so melancholic of you..

    hey, check out my blog, you have an award there =)

  2. @ovais...:)

    @kharren..thnx for the lovely award!:D
    and the compli!:)

  3. It's a marvelous piece of poetry! Just marvelous!!
    You my friend will go a long way :)

    Loved it! <3 <3 <3 :)

    btw an standing ovation for you for receiving the truly deserved award of the best blogger around! :D

  4. mmmaannn...! no words...! :D <3 loved it like hell...! thumbs up...

  5.'s w0nderful!!!!!!!!!

  6. @ a blank face...:D...i hope i do..thanks for the compli:DDD...hahaha nd wow u notcd the award!:D

    @lalain,umna,mahnoor, nd rubab... thankyouu:D

  7. a blog dat can touch every1 nd ne1 jxt whn he/she reads evn d very first few lines of it :) it made ME senti <3

    u are 1 ov a kind :)

  8. Melancholic yet the fact of life...put forth wonderfully !


  9. @anonymous...awwwhhh...:)...if i cant make u senti...then who can..han?:D:) <3
    @ fatima...:) thnkyou so mch...yes true...its a fact:)

  10. Sometimes I think nostalgia and a yearning to go back to how things were are two emotions that hurt us more than we think them capable of.

    I got lost in the poem, transported back to a time that I wish would come back... beautiful.
    And I love the picture, as well:)

  11. @peevee...yeah therefore what we learn from these emotions r to make the best of our make the best of each second we pass with our loved ones...that way regret wont come our way:)
    and thanks:)


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