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.Shutting the door behind her, she entered her dark bedroom. she felt so numb that she had to grope for something to support her.... as she made her way towards her bed, she couldn’t walk, she couldn’t think, yet the only thing she intensely did was feel her sore heart getting sorer as every second passed, her wounds had dried so hard on her heart that they had formed a thick covering over it as if to trap every thing that lay inside of it!
she sank to the floor near her bed...and hugged her knees tightly to her if she was trying to collect herself, putting her head between her knees she felt the unbearable weight of her head, a tempest was occurring in it...and it was blowing everything crashed everything and drowned her in the vortex of memories...she felt drenched in nostalgia.... fat tears sprung out her eyes, and she wiped them only to feel more tears brushing across her cheeks!
 in spite of the fact that they were cold and salty, she could feel them searing up…