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Keeping Faith

Liberating his grip, he watches it fall away; watches the petite granules of time flow away with the wind, sees them getting caught here and there, everywhere but him.
He is loosing her, feels her crumbling away...and the harder he holds on, the more it flakes off!
Blinded by fate’s sharp turns, he was left alone, with nothing to think, nothing to loose, nothing to feel, but her unattainable presence.
he walked along the path clueless, not knowing where to go, not knowing what to do, what to look ahead to and what to wish! It’s a trail leading him through the graveyard of his memories, and he walks wordlessly.

no one knows the storm inside no one knows the battles he fight no one knows its he, who was left behind
It had all come back, what he forever wanted had returned to him, what he wanted to hear was finally heard by him, what he wanted to see was finally seen by him, but he lied there feeling less! Not knowing how to answer...! he is so used to being lonely, so used to the cruel feeling…