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Its not that i can't live without you, Its just that i dont want to...

It was September 22, 2010
Yet she still remembers...those frantic cries...those pleading prayers, those sleepless nights,those desperate apologies, and that sullen goodbye...
it happened more then a year back, but its still fresh, those never-ending tears, those regrets, the excruciating pain of parting, and the want to know know what had really happened.

She still recalls those harsh words, those cold expressions and the frozen clock which took hours to tick away each second...!

She even remembered the nervous breakdowns, the comas, the constant trips to doctors trying to figure out what was wrong, when all along she knew her best cure.

But in spite of all the worries, the depression, the pain, the trauma...
something still stopped her from walking away...something still stopped her from letting it all go.

It was faith itself, 
faith in all those words he said, in all those memories they made, those times spent together those laughs they cheered...and the tears they shared...!

It wa…