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Not Yet! :):)...( something written inspired by an almost true and personal event)

....I banged the front door behind me and heatedly strutted out onto the street...I was so angry at my mom for not understanding my feelings...I was furious at my sister for hogging the phone...and I was so disappointed in my best friend for letting me down...!
“Why do people do that? Are expectations bound to let me down?" I silently exclaimed to myself! It was a hot and sunny afternoon and the blazing sun was giving me a massive headache...! Beads of perspiration trickled across my forehead and mingled with the tears of rage that were pouring out of my eyes...! I wanted to go back home...but was too stubborn to turn back...slumping on a bench at the bus stop... I looked toward the ground to shade myself from the blistering sun...a shattered glass caught my eye and a thought struck me! I drew near the broken glass and picked the sharpest piece of them all...I knew what I was going to do...!
 I ran the blade like glass on my right hand vein.  blood oozed out violently...and spilled o…