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looked in the reflection... saw u in pain.. saw an emblem.. of the past which is just so hard to explain..
i break the mirror.. and i am blinded by tears.. waves of guilt cross over my tormented soul, the endless queries.. shower in my wits..
can i not assist? am i a hinderance? is this de ja vu? or is it poles apart?
i wish ur sores to be over.. i wish you to just trust me.. because i know..
the map of your present path.. its the map..which has been engraved in my mind because once.. i was walking down the same conduit, and once the same stones hit me.. and because once..i fell down right where you are standing and that one had come along to rescue me..
now its my turn.. ill pick you up.. on the same track.. where i once.., broke down..!! 
p.s: something once written by me, it was written before i realized...that i did help, not by doing something for you. but just by always being there...:)

my most priced possession :)

Those years spent with you,  Evoke different moments, different thoughts, different memories, different feelings...!

I still remember how our conversation started just over a dim-witted literature book...and it ended in to something so much more. I recall those times when you teasingly used to pull my cheeks, my hair...and sometimes even my nose!:) The way we spent late evenings together after school...just laughing our time away... The way we took the longest course to get to the bus, just to spend more moments together...:)
the way we missed each other, and the way we found a home in each's presence.
our tears have always been allied because each of our life is so tangled up into each other, that its difficult to figure out which problem is really whose! :) I still find it cute the way we call each other with a multiplicity of nicknames, the way we take random pictures, the way we are so selfish about each other,
The way we pass incessant promises of being always together, and the way y…

Blessings in disguise...:]

as i step out of my feet land into a puddle...! but instead of frowning i i engulf deeper into the most beautifulest aroma ever...
...its the smell which drifts even the stubbornest of soul away...a smell which softens even the numbest of hearts....a smell which spreads smiles on even the hungriest slum kids...its a smell which is cherished by every love couple...a smell which is most treasured when walking with friends...
trust me...because what i smell right now,is the most beautiful of smells...its the smell, which is the rainy season kinda smell...:]

finally rain is here...<3 bringing along its usual scent...its usual touch...its usual sound!

i still remember that little poem they taught us when we were young...
  "the rain is like a little mouse, quite small and grey, it patters all around the ground, and then it goes away" :)

this juvenille peace of poetry teaches us everything we need to know about rain...

it tells us of its melody...which giv…

...board result in my hand:D

...oh my God..the hype, the energy <negative or positive i cant define>, the thrill, the excitement, the constant buzz, the goosebumps....!
when we heard that the RESULT was DUE TOMORROW! Aaaaaaaaaaaagrrrrrrrrhhhhh!

those texts a night before which are begging you to pray for them, those phone calls saying "i wont go home if my result is bad", those meditation therapies, those constant promises to LOrd for praying "shukranas" if you get all As, those restless sleeps, those consoling words saying "i will pray for you" and "tension not you will pass"...!

and then finally the day comes...when we are crossing those green threshold of the school, and i see everyone rubbing there arms to appease those frissons! i am greeted by my group of friend....and...

OH what the HELL....i am getting impatient...SO LEMME JUST GET TO THE DARN POINT!:D
i walk in the outer office to receive my result sheet and....
...i fall into the arms of my friend sobbing...…

with what i still remember...

...what i still remember...was the day i woke up trembling in my sleep...tears pouring out of my eyes...and i remember everything, everything that felt so cold...but suddenly i had mothers hand come up on my back...patting me gently...leaving gentle trails of her sweet sleep, for me to swallow...! you know what that taught taught me to sacrifice...!:]

...what i still the story behind those pen marks on my door...they each have been marked a bit above the measure each mm i had grown every year...! my grand daddy used to tell aim to be as tall as the door...but somehow...inspite of the years that have gone by...i am still 2 feet shorter then it...but you know what that taught me? taught me to ALWAYs aim high...and never to loose hope because even if i don't reach the moon..i will still get to land among the stars...:]

...what i still remember...was the day i thought my friends would not turn up for my birthday party...i still r…

...One in a million...!

That solitary survivor

On the path of valediction Trying to let go… Of that one addiction His silent lamentations Weep out… Was this predestination?
His anger does not fade It’s cemented with hate Fury, has become a part of his loathed fate Wrath, now an unchangeable trait His desire to push it away Has long gone away And with each passing day It kills him inside without delay…

She is watching his existence stultify And as her days go whizzing by She wears smile as her disguise She can’t see him cry…she can’t say goodbye So she starts to try… She tells him to look aside Away from the pain…that still resides Directs him to stop wishing back time Because someplace, somewhere One has to draw a line… Keeping in mind… That people may leave us behind… But we need to move on since This is life… One in a million…one of a kind! a little something written by me for someone...!... every once in a while you fall in utter despair...and you get so blinded by the hopelessness which surrounds you that you are unable to see a guidi…