my most priced possession :)

Those years spent with you,  Evoke different moments, different thoughts, different memories, different feelings...!

I still remember how our conversation started just over a dim-witted literature book...and it ended in to something so much more.
I recall those times when you teasingly used to pull my cheeks, my hair...and sometimes even my nose!:)
The way we spent late evenings together after school...just laughing our time away...
The way we took the longest course to get to the bus, just to spend more moments together...:)
the way we missed each other, and the way we found a home in each's presence.

our tears have always been allied because each of our life is so tangled up into each other, that its difficult to figure out which problem is really whose! :)
I still find it cute the way we call each other with a multiplicity of nicknames, the way we take random pictures, the way we are so selfish about each other,

The way we pass incessant promises of being always together, and the way you make me smile through my tears.
The way we blindly trust each other…and the way we devotedly talk to each other about everything.
i idolize the way we two are the strongest people outside, but when together, we are at our weakest...!

You are my greatest companion, my paramount caretaker, my most valued possession, my unsurpassed friend.
You are a father I always wanted, a mother I forever yearned, a brother i never had, a sister with whom I always share, a dog I always wanted to keep, and the friend of my wildest dreams...:)

and when i summon up all the time i have spent with you...
i realize that somewhere between those protracted talks, lasting smiles, faithful promises ,reciprocated tears, "i love you more" fights, bottles of pepsi and extra cheesy pizzas. I didn’t fall in love with you...i fell in love with the friendship you give me:)
           " i don't want to make you smile like a lover, i want to make you laugh like a friend, because relations don't last, but...friendship never ends:) "


  1. Awwwwwhh, this was sucha sweetie pie written post...=']<3

  2. Muzna, I really wonder about your inspiration ;)' jk! Beautifully written. I doubt if any body could have written it more wonderfully than you! :')

  3. My own silent tears27 August 2011 at 02:10

    It's so warm and so beautiful. It felt as if this blog couldn't capture your feelings, thus leaving me, as a reader, realizing the depth of your feelings and how they are inexpressible.
    You are a wizard..
    Made me cry... :) :)
    Once again keep it up!!

  4. touchingly-senti :)

  5. where in the world do you get those lines and words and emotions from...
    man u just write awesome..
    so sweet touchy touchy...:D

  6. Aww so sweet! This was so moving :)

  7. @hafsa...hehehe trst me my inspiration is worth writing about:)
    @ ezazi, taytay,hazel,hamza and mahnoor...thankyou so much:)

    @ateeq...each one of them...came from my heart..its not copied from anywhere:)
    @ my own silent tears...:) got it...i wanted to write so much more, i felt so much more, but i ws still unable to put it all in words:) thnku btw:)

  8. this kind of art doesn't come without a muse. and your muse is one lucky person to be the object of your attention.


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ur tears dont neseccarily have to be sad ones...:D

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