Blessings in disguise...:]

as i step out of my feet land into a puddle...! but instead of frowning i i engulf deeper into the most beautifulest aroma ever...
...its the smell which drifts even the stubbornest of soul away...a smell which softens even the numbest of hearts....a smell which spreads smiles on even the hungriest slum kids...its a smell which is cherished by every love couple...a smell which is most treasured when walking with friends...
trust me...because what i smell right now,is the most beautiful of smells...its the smell, which is the rainy season kinda smell...:]

finally rain is here...<3 bringing along its usual scent...its usual touch...its usual sound!

i still remember that little poem they taught us when we were young...
  "the rain is like a little mouse, quite small and grey, it patters all around the ground, and then it goes away" :)

this juvenille peace of poetry teaches us everything we need to know about rain...

it tells us of its melody...which gives every life a background music to enjoy...which makes every lonely person feel less lonely...and every happy person feel...more happy!

 it tells us of its touch...the way it tends to fall in small fat droplets one after the other...the way it wakes every sleeping person and the way it blooms every bud...:)

it tells us how sad and grey it really is...but its just our smiles...who give life and joy to it:)
 so to all the people standing in the rain with umbrellas, THROW THEM AWAY...and only THEN you can have a HAPPY RAINY SEASON:)

so DO have a happy rainy season...:D


  1. happy rainy season.... i think the word for this smell is Petrichor :P

  2. I love it when it rains because no one can tell if you're crying or not

  3. i love the rain, but nowadays the water is so cold, i just can't tolerate with it.
    wish, angels install a geyser up there. :P
    ya, i don't like cold water, i just can't step into it.
    even in summers i use warm water...the sensation is so different

  4. Still that signature 'muzna roghay' feeling prevalent in ur post :)
    Soothing, Calm and beautiful... :)

  5. Hahaha these are amazing lines for RAIN. I love rain too and its one of the bestest feeling you get when it rains :)

    GOOD ONE !

    rain is everyones FIRST love lol :P

  7. oh lovely post!:D and pics... Rain is like love... when it falls, my heart cannot help but dance....

    i wish its a season... and not just a day!

  8. I was at school when it started raining! And I couldn't even go around and just stand in it since I had to teach classes..

    But it was fun =D

  9. your blog gives me a feeling of Déjà vu.

  10. Have a happy rainy season! :D

  11. @mohammad israr...thankx for the vocabulary lesson!:DD...! but the word "smell: carries so much meaning!:DD that the only reason you love rain? :)
    @ateeq...hahahah...naah but i adore the cold water trickling thru my bak <3 :)
    @mahnoor..its my frst nd last:DD

  12. @ ridx and love..thanks alawt!DDD i feel for all the teachers who restrain us frm goin out in rain in btween classes!:D
    @butterfly effect...:) is tht gud?

  13. Happy rainy season.
    I LOVE rain =D <3

  14. Hey! I love the smell of rain - fresh earthly salty.. it's beautiful =D

    The weather was amazing yesterday! Great post =)

    Followed your blog back! Thanku for the visit! ^^

    Happy Moments!

  15. How do you manage to write so awesomly :P
    I LOVE RAINN :))))
    and I never miss any :)))
    Lovely Post <3

  16. @the floodgate of feelings....well you never know... :P

  17. @sidrah...i think you made a are not my follower:P
    @saqlain...awwh thnku soo much:)
    @ X...hahaha sometimes i do...u r jst an illusion!:):D

  18. cold water on back...urghhhh gives me shrugs....

  19. @the floodgate of feelings...hahaha ;)...well what can i say now? :P ...U caught me... :P


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