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The high jinks of life :)

summoning up my past experiences i bear in mind all those little things i did...the time when i was satisfied with those minuscule things in life...i used to find bliss in every butterfly that flew past me, in every penny that my mom used to give me when i helped her out and in every compliment that a passerby gave when i was wearing my cute red shorts with a matching hat..:)...i used to find security just by hugging my favorite teddy bear or by hiding under the covers...and the only thing i was hiding from were the monsters of the dark. i remember how paper cuts were my only wounds and my biggest fall was when i fell from the stairs...! the way i only needed crayons to color up the white spaces of my life and the way mathematic tables were the only thing that bewildered me! But growing up i experienced the want for "more"...this want grew stronger and stronger until a time came when i wanted everything to change... i wasn't satisfied with just a penny...i wanted more mone…