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a walk along the simple road! :)

Apart from the fact that i couldn’t get a flight and had to sit 30 hours in a bus to get there, the city Skardu, with a suburban simple village kinda life is the perfect example of a pearl in a seashell!

the heavy laden cherry, apple and apricot trees, the blooming wild flowers, the radiant water in the streams and waterfall that were found by every roadside, the cute curly haired rosy cheeked babies, the peoples simple yet enjoyable frivolities and the sunny yet slightly chilly\cloudy weather seemed to be nothing more but an insignia of heaven! I still remember feeling the lush green grass peeping through my white flip flops and touching my toes, that fresh cold spring water rushing through my throat has taken away all my thirst!
I still recall the frizzy haired, wrinkle scattered, bare footed, ragged clothed village off springs who in spite of these set backs never failed to pass a big teethy grin to a passerby, they still never failed to live each day jumping around taking pleasure …