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Riding a seesaw life...

Isn't it amazing, how that one person can mean so much, the way the same person, who makes you cry the most, could make you laugh the hardest too...!

Isnt it weird, how we can smile so much, when the others are so sad

ever wondered how when one person dies, another arrives

ever realized the way there is a day and a night

the way there's heaven and hell!

the way things end, but always with a beginning...

the way there is life and death
..devils and angels 

...tears and smiles...

ever considered how the summer is always replaced by the winter, and the sun always by the moon!

how some people have a thousand enemies, but then have that one friend, who  is worth those thousands.

we are living at a delicate balance, its not always about reaching the sky, but sometimes, we gotta look down, and realize that, we can get tired of flying one day...

life is like a seesaw, you got to balance it right, or else you will end up crashing down.