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little things do matter...!:]

ummm...i don't know what little proof should i begin with...i don't even quite remember since when did i start believing in this clichéd saying! i guess i will start with what LITTLE i remember!:)
do you remember that ONE KISS on snow whites lips by her prince charming that saved the day,
or  that SMALL glass shoe that changed cindrellas life?...

can u recall that TINY spider that made peter ( the spider man) a hero...and that DIMINUTIVE scar on harry`s head that made him famous..?
how about that SMALL needle that pricked sleeping beauty...or that little sprinkle of pixie dust that helped tinker bell fly?
ok...let get out of the fairy world and take a reality check! isnt it that one little abnormal cell that spreads cancer...? isnt it that thin needle which sews the big hole in your dress? about that one little baby...which when born.,leaves the whole family smiling?

that pinch of salt without which most edible items become inedible...or an eye pencil which does wonders!

the ten precarious things i love:DDD

.we all love ice cream, we all love coke, we all love winters accompanied with fur coats...we like sun hats, we love pool parties, pizza, flowers, and smarties. Trends, perfumes, makeup and sports...some love skirts but some love shorts!
And blah blah..Blah blah!;) this isn’t what I am here to talk I am gonna talk about the ten most unusual and nay saying things I love love love about not just MY life...but LIFE:D
1)the first thing I love about life is the way how we awl are each life carries so many lifes with if one life gets poignant, the other 5 acquainted life also become cheerless...the way one life celebrates and the other two joint with it also enjoy, the way one life pours out tears and the other 2 or any other numerical drown with them!:D This acquaintance is known as love, friendship, motherhood...but whatsoever u name it...its beautiful!:)
2) the second most thing I love about life is...( I warn u what I am gonna say is not liked by many …