little things do matter...!:]

ummm...i don't know what little proof should i begin with...i don't even quite remember since when did i start believing in this clichéd saying! i guess i will start with what LITTLE i remember!:)

do you remember that ONE KISS on snow whites lips by her prince charming that saved the day,

or  that SMALL glass shoe that changed cindrellas life?...

can u recall that TINY spider that made peter ( the spider man) a hero...and that DIMINUTIVE scar on harry`s head that made him famous..?

how about that SMALL needle that pricked sleeping beauty...or that little sprinkle of pixie dust that helped tinker bell fly?

ok...let get out of the fairy world and take a reality check!
isnt it that one little abnormal cell that spreads cancer...?
isnt it that thin needle which sews the big hole in your dress? about that one little baby...which when born.,leaves the whole family smiling?

that pinch of salt without which most edible items become inedible...or an eye pencil which does wonders!

imagine a necklace without a pendant...
or an engagement without a ring!

how bland does a tree look without a flower...and how pointlessly useless our cell phones become without that one little sim!;)...
ever wondered a shoe without a shoe lace...and a clock without a neumeric?
isnt it that tiny seed of wheat or rice which satisfies our hunger....?
and those two tiny blue and red wires...that when cut, diffuse the whole bomb:D

can u imagine how empty comfort is without a little hug...and how love would be without small action...small words...?
can u wonder birthdays without little gifts...and a farewell without tears? 

so just a little advice or you can also call it a request,that someday, some moment of your life, take some time out to think over this...think about how small contributions lead to big differences...and you will see...its all just like a water color painting...small touches of colour here and there in the end would make the picture look more beautiful and valuable...:) 

with this i end my chitter chatter..:)
goodbye...take care:)<3

btw ever wondered how departures would seem without that one little goodbye?? :):D


  1. aww..Wonderful Muzna!It sure are the smallest, littlest of gestures and things that matter the most! :)

  2. You forgot to mention one thing:

    It's the one small comment that makes someone's day... =)

    I hope I made yours! Cheers! :D

  3. Nice Blog!

    And Thanks for following my blog=D


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ur tears dont neseccarily have to be sad ones...:D

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