the ten precarious things i love:DDD

.we all love ice cream, we all love coke, we all love winters accompanied with fur coats...we like sun hats, we love pool parties, pizza, flowers, and smarties. Trends, perfumes, makeup and sports...some love skirts but some love shorts!
And blah blah..Blah blah!;)
this isn’t what I am here to talk I am gonna talk about the ten most unusual and nay saying things I love love love about not just MY life...but LIFE:D

1)the first thing I love about life is the way how we awl are each life carries so many lifes with if one life gets poignant, the other 5 acquainted life also become cheerless...the way one life celebrates and the other two joint with it also enjoy, the way one life pours out tears and the other 2 or any other numerical drown with them!:D This acquaintance is known as love, friendship, motherhood...but whatsoever u name it...its beautiful!:)

2) the second most thing I love about life is...( I warn u what I am gonna say is not liked by many people but then again as i mentioned before my love list IS quite bizarre ... cuz maybe what em about to say is a completely off-putting thing most people hate about life...but call me crazy or indifferent…i still love it about life) when every second ticks away and we cant get it back...the way seconds tick away memories and the other coming 5seconds hold the power to make more memories...! This effortless clock of my life which ticks away moments and people is the most superb thing I have ever possessed because it makes me value each passerby, each moment, each lick on my ice cream and each breath in the fresh air all the more! it makes me realize how fleeting my life really is!:)

3) The third best thing I love life for is the way the sun comes up every morning and the way there’s an unavoidable sunset after evening! I love the way the stars appear every night and I love the way shadows dance about every midnight!
that makes me sure of the fact that when troubles come they are gonna end soon...because thats just the way how the world works...theres a dark night to every bright day...but then again there is daylight to every darkness <3

4) I fourthly adore the we are free to do everything....we are free to bamboozle ,free to hurt people, the way we are free to steal and are free to fight...oh yeah baby freedom is in the air...:D....( but before you close my blog angrily thinking of me as one of the "lawbreakers"..let me clear myself) that in spite of the liberty... there’s still something stopping us.. Our faith...and thats what I love...Our tender hearts have a hard core faith in it...which sets us boundaries and barriers...the barrier may be love,religion,laws, brains or any other things...but it stops us from doing the wrong and enjoins us to do the right!! i love the way how we are able to rightfully guide ourselves:)

5) The other fifth thing I love is the way we sometimes forget to trust ourselves...
(now now dont jump to conclusions...dont think of me as a dejected hermit who vents out all her frustration in this blog NO No!)..I see beauty in this mistrust in ourselves because there is a lot of trust behind this!...we dont trust ourselves because we have someone so much important and valuable present in our life that we start to trust that person more then we trust ourselves...!:)

6) I love the way we grow day we are 5 inches...the other day we become 5 feet! ;)...and the funny part is no matter how hard we try to analyze the exact day we grew a mm tall...we don’t ever figure it out!:DD <3

7) I love the way our lives have a delicate balance...too much sorrow leads to something like umm dysthymia...yet too much happiness leads to a precarious behavior ! The way too much attention towards somebody can cause jealousy on the other side, while lack of attention causes attention deprived people!too much food makes us obese...while too little food makes us anemic..!;)...aaagrrhh life is like a crazy bus hard to handle...but being its driver makes it all the more exhilarating!!:DDDD

8)another thing worthy of my that in one gets left behind...everybody gets to play the lead role...every guy gets to be the hero and every girl gets to be a princess...i love the way its our choice which role to choose...a miserable disconsolate girl..?...a rich spoilt brat?..The malevolent yet dashing villain...or the hero who saves the day!:DD <3

9) ...PREDESTINATION...ahhh...ever heard of it!? ;)..I love the way my tomorrow is already written today...I love the way that Someone very trustable and strong has written my life’s makes me feel a protective hand is always over makes me satisfied that my Lord is watching over me...:)...predestination also makes it easier for me to live each matter how hard it is...cux i know that things are always gona move on..cux i have to reach the end of my life's story!:)

10) And last I love love love the way how people say "life is short"...but in reality...its actually the longest thing we own!:D:D:D:D


  1. awww!=') such a sugar sweetie post!<3

  2. Awesome post Muzna! Loving it :)'

  3. Awwhh!! <3 :D:D i really, absolutely, positively, very muchingly love the blog esp. the cuteness and un-depressing-ness of it (un-depressing-ness here means the way it takes u out of depression :P :D )!! :D and the points are so valid too! :D <3

  4. lovvedd the positivity....:D.:D.:D


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