...One in a million...!

That solitary survivor

On the path of valediction
Trying to let go…
Of that one addiction
His silent lamentations
Weep out…
Was this predestination?

His anger does not fade
It’s cemented with hate
Fury, has become a part of his loathed fate
Wrath, now an unchangeable trait
His desire to push it away
Has long gone away
And with each passing day
It kills him inside without delay…

She is watching his existence stultify
And as her days go whizzing by
She wears smile as her disguise
She can’t see him cry…she can’t say goodbye
So she starts to try…
She tells him to look aside
Away from the pain…that still resides
Directs him to stop wishing back time
Because someplace, somewhere
One has to draw a line…
Keeping in mind…
That people may leave us behind…
But we need to move on since
This is life…
One in a million…one of a kind! 
a little something written by me for someone...!...
every once in a while you fall in utter despair...and you get so blinded by the hopelessness which surrounds you that you are unable to see a guiding hand which is always behind you...you forget that there's always a light, always an angel, always a friend who is there to help you out...no matter how vicious the circle you are stuck into is...no matter how desolate you "feel"...you should always remember that...
  in your loneliness you are not lonely:)


  1. Aww this was lovely, I especially loved how you said we're never alone even if we're lonely :)

  2. Ahhhh! You're fantabulous. Amzing, outstanding, heart-touching....
    HATSOFF!! :D :D
    The poem rocked :)

  3. this was the best poem i have ever read,
    AWESOME,LOVELY,SWEET,add every praising word but still it won't make up enough praising :D

  4. @ hazel...thanks ..:) well it is true isnt it?:)

    @ fireworks...:) thanx:)

    @ imad..wow!:D

    @ ateeq...:D hahaha wow...em honored!:D


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