Keeping Faith

Liberating his grip, he watches it fall away; watches the petite granules of time flow away with the wind, sees them getting caught here and there, everywhere but him.

He is loosing her, feels her crumbling away...and the harder he holds on, the more it flakes off!

Blinded by fate’s sharp turns, he was left alone, with nothing to think, nothing to loose, nothing to feel, but her unattainable presence.

he walked along the path clueless, not knowing where to go, not knowing what to do, what to look ahead to and what to wish! It’s a trail leading him through the graveyard of his memories, and he walks wordlessly.

no one knows the storm inside
no one knows the battles he fight
no one knows its he, who was left behind

It had all come back, what he forever wanted had returned to him, what he wanted to hear was finally heard by him, what he wanted to see was finally seen by him, but he lied there feeling less! Not knowing how to answer...! he is so used to being lonely, so used to the cruel feelings, that the storm which used to once come roaring in, had pacified itself, and dwelled with him silently.
Just an illusion, that's what he thinks he is, and thinks he can just fade away... ebb noiselessly, and unobserved!

He forgets that life is not in his hands, the book of his providence is with someone better, more trust-able, more immortal. It is someone who has already written his lifeline, and has preserved it in a cover, its someone who wants good for him,

he has to realize that life will go its own way, and no matter how hard we try, no matter how hard we fight, we wont win our way, we are too small to combat life,

He has to realize, that what will happen, will happen for the best, and that we have to have faith.

He has to realize, that when God gives us something to hold onto, we should never embrace it too tight, because when He asks for it back, it becomes hard to let go

He has to realize that there's a difference between, hope and expectations.  

He has to hope for the best, but expect the worst :)

He has to have faith,he has to believe.


  1. That's a consoling piece of writing. Indeed a great one. The way you bring in hope and faith in the end is commendable! :) Overall another excellent post.
    An advice, Never give up writing... :)

  2. aww sweet one=)
    btw ain't that last one rubab's?=D=p

  3. Oh. My. God.
    You said it so.. perfectly.
    so vividly.

    I love this, it puts almost everything I feel into words :o

  4. @ the illusion...its meant to be hopeful for sum ppl:)

    @ezazi...yup the last pic is rubabs:P

    @ovais...i hope it helped...:)...we need to trust the one above, we need to know that He may not always answer our prayers in "yes"...but what ever He does...does it for the best:)

  5. Wowww its Epic!!! I'm speechless :p Well ok not entirely speechless but ya i still am ;)

    <3 it :)


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