Consciousness regained...!

everything starts to spin, 
she smiles..and her heart laughs out in glee...
"finally a change, finally death has taken out its time to knock on her door"
with that thought, darkness encases her, and she falls...

 ...conciousness regained...

she wakes up to find tears in her eyes

she cries to see...
no angels by her side;
she cries out loud...
because she cant forget;
she cries so hard...
because she regrets;
she wishes it to end
desires the broken heart to mend
she yearns to die
inclines to escape...
the sullen goodbye;
 she wishes him to be her strength again
rather then just a weakness...
that drives her insane...!

upon waking up,she starts to weep, because maybe, when she fell in the deep slumber, she didn't really want to wake up again.

when faith turns to distrust
care turns in oblivion
smiles change in despair
minutes become hours
when tears burn in anger
and promises become hollow
when that strength becomes your weakness
and that love turns to hate
then one should know...that,
the best way to hold on....
is to let go" 


  1. "when that strength becomes your weakness...
    and that love turns to hate...
    then one should know...that..
    the best way to hold on....
    is to let go" :)"

    Probably one of best lines ever written. :) Loved the post from top to bottom. Just marvelous!!! It's filled with strong emotions, one that really touch your heart! Beautiful!

    But I believe that one shudn't let the person, who means this much to them, go away in the first place. But if it happens they should pull them back. Because 'Never giveup on love', maybe askin ur 'weakness' to become your 'strenght' once again will work out! :) You never know! ;)
    As I say, Love IS hope and hope is what keeps this world alive! :D

    But nevertheless a superspecialawesome post! :D

  2. @ he was once...:)...those lines are written all over my heart...:)
    and yes i completly agree with you...we shouldnt let go, i wrote thise piece before i realised that...and trust me i never gave up on that love:)
    and whenever we feel like its important to let go, then we should just ask our heart, nd trust it matter what it is:)

  3. @..the floodgate of feelings..

    :)..yeah, no one would know better than me that how tightly you held onto your 'strength'! ;)

    Exactly! :) Trust yourself, there ain't a better adviser than yourself. :)

    Once again, Kudos! for such a post! :D

  4. i really missed these gehri gehri lines,
    i just love them,
    i read them twice sometimes just because my heart says i should,
    wow, your feelings, are something exceptional

  5. @ He was once:)...yeah only u nd "my strength" knows how tightly em holding on:))) thanks:)

    @ ateeq:D...aww thanks..thats an amazng compli :]

  6. reading this... i just wonder. sometimes i'm unable to justify feelings through words. i just can't seem to find the word that means exactly, extremely, the same, as i am feeling.

    i wonder if you feel the same. that although the words used are perfect, but do u feel sometimes that words can never be enough. that the soul of what you're trying to say can nevr be captured into mere word, even if they r beautiful.

    i hope im making sense to u.

    all im trying to say is, i actually feel the pain behind and the emotion that u must feel.

  7. @ the butterfly effect...em glad to c we hav a common ground...:)
    i am sure that you feel the same...every person in life goes through smae experiences, its just how the person takes it:)
    thanks for the complimnt btw:)


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