he lies, lies wrapped around in those white sheets...
he sees, sees tears rolling down his mothers cheeks...
he hears, hears loud sobs in his sisters voice
he feels, feels helpless because he doesnt have a choice

he looks up, and sees the devils face
its laughing hysterically,laughing without grace
as he sees its eyes filled with malice
he couldn't help but pine, for those wasted days

he stares towards the heaven
sees an angel crying on the seventh
they say ,he would have been able, to reach there level
if in transgression..he hadn't fallen

but now all he can do is frenetically wait
to enter in those, inexcusable gates
a place that's not of bliss, but of abyss
for he had been sinful in all life's ways 
and he couldn't get it right now
because, regretfully ,its just too late...

" i am not scared of dying, i am scared of the deedless bags i would be carrying to my Lord"


  1. *loves*

    listen to whiskey lullaby by brad paisley...

  2. wow.
    But his regrets are well-deserved, aren't they?

  3. @ the butterfly effect..yeah sure i will:) nd thanx:)

    @ovais...yeah probably...but thats what the message is all about...we should be careful of our action order ro ovoid regrets tomorrow:) and thanx:)

  4. Amazing!!!

    A kind of wake-up call for everyone. We should realize what path we are on before it's too late.

    Great poem! :) You keep getting better and better!

  5. I agree with Ovais.
    All his regrets are well-deserved, aren't they?

    Great post!

  6. @omen...thanx:)

    @hamza bin Laden:)...yeah...his regrets are well deserved...definitly...!
    and thanx:)

  7. you're awesome! i've always been jealous of people who can write good poetry...i just can't do it

  8. @flyer girl...hahahaha i will take that as a compliment...thankyou:)

  9. But they say its never too late :)

    A one chance and one turn back to the Lord will be enough.

    You write poems so well :)

  10. yeah but it does get too late when you are being called by ur Lord:)...therefore its better to collect as many good deeds as u cn:)

    and thanx:))

  11. wonderfully composed... no matter how hard we try still we have some regrets about our pasts...but never the less, one should try to be careful no to regret anything done.. :)


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