Stranger than fiction...MY HERO!

as the cold water clings to me and forces me down, i fight with it, but my strength is failing me, 
so i give up the fight...

it all started,
with my mom screaming at me for being late from the party,
" you are one of THE MOST irresponsible,INSOLENT, SPOILT, and STUBBORN brat-like daughter, i have EVER produced"
"MOM! dont you thing you are over reacting?"
"over reactin OVER REACTING? i will show you whats OVER REACTING!"
<throwing her big blue shoe at me>

she was going berserk, and was screaming at the top of her lungs,
struck by the shoe, i compeletly lost it!
 i grabbed my car keys, and strutted out the front door saying," dont wait up for me mom, you won't be seeing me anytime soon"

driving out the car porch, i steered my car in the worst possible manner ever!
breaking every red signal, and ignoring every speed limit sign,

stopping by the nearby superstore, i grabbed a sackful of beer, and drank it,
50 miles after, i stopped by another super mart, and gulped down a few more beer cans!

and before i knew it, i had lost count of the number of beers i drunk,
lets just say,
that i was driving my car 80km/hour, and drank my beer at 5 cans/hour!

little did i know what i awaited me!
little did i know the consequences which layed ahead of me!
little did i know, that the fight i was gonna fight now, would be a much greater fight, then the "shoe-throwing" fight i had just run away from!

ignoring that one last sign board, which indicated the fenceless lake ahead
i flew!
YES YOU GUYS, i literally FLEW!

i lost control, and my car went flying in the lake, and i came flying out of my unlocked car door, and then..
the flying halted, and the sinking began!

ALAS, whoever said ignorance is a bliss, should be sued!

the cold water numbened my already numbened brain,
i had suddenly forgotten how to swim!
giving up, i dramatically spreaded my arms, and gave up the fight,

but then,
the MOST crazy and bizree thing happened, it was even more crazy then the shoe-throwing fight <yes i couldnt stop thnking about it>, and the flying car,
a disfigured man, 
jumped in, sank its big yellow square teeth in my arm,
and pulled me out, 
neighing, it dramatically shook its cropped brown mane! <roll eyes> 

panting, i layed down on the grass and thanked GOD for sending down, the most improbable, yet sturdy hero!
by now my drunkeness had worn out, and i stared at the sign board in disbelief which read,
"lake viola-2 feet"

laughing, i took another can of beer and drank to the craziness which lingered around that day!

YES, i know!, you were expecting a more heroic acounter with death or disaster!
but in al my 16 years, i have never drowned in a sea, i have never even seen a shark in the sea <let alone been eaten y one>, i have NEVER been rescued by a handsome hunk, a barn horse was as far as i could get!


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ur tears dont neseccarily have to be sad ones...:D

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