If only...

hmmm....the cloudy skies, the dripping trees, the teary blades of grass, drenched sparrows and the crying sky...:)

what could be more lovely,divine or extraordinary then these exquisite sights that we nowadays see in Karachi <3...<sigh>

if only this incredibly delightful weather would be accompanied by better conditions in most of the cities of Pakistan, if only this overwhelming weather would bring about some literacy or justice in Pakistan, if only this awe-inspiring weather ushers in some honesty, humanity and fear in our politicians!

Damn all the parties....Damn to all those voters...Damn to all those politicians...Damn us for not waking up...Damn Damn Damn...! :@ :\
Damn everybody for not making the best of this weather...! :\

may God grant us the serenity to accept things we couldn't change, the courage to change things we can...and the wisdom to now the difference...!


  1. Haha..Now this is the Muzna Roghay I see in school nearly everyday! :D'

    But seriously, you just spoke my mind..I totally second these thoughts! If only...:|'

  2. Exactly the message we need to spread to our countrymen!

    'If only..' they'd understnd! :)

  3. @quartertoinsane...its coming from the heart!:P

    @hafsa hahahahah yeah i knw...:PPPp
    @aman...<3 :)

  4. @ an existence....yeah exaactly...exaactly wat i meant by the incomplete title..."if only" they would understnd:)

  5. @..the floodgate of feelings..

    Inshallah one day everyone will! :)

  6. lets hope we the voters do some jsutice to our votes and choose the people who would be a wee bit better than the present lot...i pray and hope that the situation will improve soon :)

  7. if only......
    this if, can change alot of things. :/

  8. the time is not far, a revolution will hit this country and change its very ground, for the better, insha'Allah.


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ur tears dont neseccarily have to be sad ones...:D

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