Darn Darn Darn.....ever had one of those bad days when "bad" seems to be an understatement for the label of the day!:@

well i am having that kinda of A DAmned day! :#

its that kind of a day when nothing seems to be going right...my annoying Ufone signals arent working...my shitty texts are not being conveyed to my frend....i am having a bad hair day...my laptob is making weird screeching noises wenever i open tht darn thing,i got showered and literally trampled by the annoyingly correct blames put on me by the teachers at the "orientation" meeting today....got pricked by a broken piece of glass, my best friend just threatened to commit suicide <roll eyes>, fought with my mom, tummy got upset,got into an argument with my frend...and to top it all off...i got so angry due to the above reasons that i BANGED my head on the bathroom tiled wall today....Ugghhhhh....! now i have a stupid red forehead....and i think they are soon gonna get matching red swollen eyes! :@

GOSH! i hate it when i feel so HELPLESSLY annoyed...it makes my mind go all tornado like...., which leads to either a SPLITTING HEADACHE or a rude attitude...<believe me when i get mad at things, i get so sarcastic that even my closest of friends back off>

well i gotta sign off now...or else em gonna end up loosing you all too...!

p.s: i know this post is very "unlike" me...as in the girl with all "those thoughtful and sensitive" posts....but trust me anger management is a thing i have NEVER been good at!
thanks for listening to my blues and blahs


  1. Hahaha! :P Chill out! ;) My sympathies with u! :D

  2. Aww..muzna, i feel so sorry for you!
    + I can soo relate with you..totally!
    Wishing you best of luck for tomorrow! :)'

  3. @ i know you...i know you too!:DD hahaha actually after writing this...i feel sooo much better!:D

    @hafsa...heheh thnx...heheh get ready to bear my sarru shakal again!:DD:P

  4. @the floodgate of feelings
    hahaha :P..gud! :P...thats why always let your 'feelings' flow...what better use of this 'floodgate' of feelings then to write about a damned day! :P This will surely be one of my fav posts! :P Hahaha! :D

  5. I seriously hope I don't have to! :P'
    I know a good night's sleep will do you good! :D'

  6. @ i know you...well somebodys enjoying my anger today:PPPP

    @ hafsa...ahahahhaah :D lets hope i get some:P

  7. hav a nice hot cup of tea or coffee or something...

  8. You always feel better after a good rant, trust me :)

  9. ah.... looks like a bad day...but time will surely change...no matter how bad a situation is, you can make it worse...so relax...listen to some good music..enjoy a cup of coffee..or icecream...have some sleep...hope everything will be alright by now :) best luck

  10. that head banging thing, i slipped today in the bathroom too,
    i am hipless for the moment :P
    just breathe deeply,
    blink steadily
    and stand still,
    no it won't help,
    its jsut some random stuff that would quite bore you up :P

  11. scream into your pillow and listen to LINKIN PARK...

    or else recite auzoo billah:P

  12. @ quartertoinsane...yeah bt em too lazy to get up nd mke one:P

    @hazel yeah felt much bettr aftr writng this:D

    @israr...music helped!:D

    @ateeq//hahahahahahhaha...awwwh my pities wid u!:D

    @hamza ...i now did!:P ws jst havng my "anger moment" tht day:P

    @ the butterfly effect...linkin park makes me depressed :D...hahaha wow itx amazng how both ur advice differ :P:DD


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