Dear, You...

...every once in a life, we get that one person, who reflects back on our every action, reaction and words.

i found that person three years back.

you came to me in form of a best friend, an angel sent down from heaven, 
someone sent to guide me right, to be there for me each night, to care for me, and to act not like a shadow, but merrily, a mirror

I was the barren land
and you were its first dandelion

when I went silent, 
you became my words,

when I closed my eyes,
you opened yours wide,

when I felt myself slipping away, 
you held on tight

and when I fell in the darkness of despair, 
you were the only light

I still remember, 
the way my hope had once shattered

and the way you collected it
and saved it from going to tatters

the way you willingly offered your luck
when I lost mine

and the way you gave your heart
even when I broke yours outright

but my angel always remember
that no matter what i do, or say

i still love you, without a doubt
you are a secret, I am obsessed about

a sweet memory i can, never drive out


  1. I Dont Need a Name Anymore25 November 2011 at 23:04

    Please stop writing!!! PLEASE!
    I'm running out of compliments for you! =P =P

    It's soo heart-touching. I guess many of us here would be able to relate to it. Sometimes in form a of a best friend, sibling, parent we end having our own 'dear you...'
    Nevertheless, another piece of writing which actually makes one discover the nd value the true blessings in their lives.. :)
    Keep on writing! :)

  2. Write moreeee.
    I love this one.

  3. Write moreeee.
    I love this one.

  4. am i dreaming or is shakespare back frm d dead??? :O :P heheh jokes apart.... u areee A prolific writer :) wonder wat good deeds has ur frnd done dat he got a bestie lyk u :)
    keep writing......u truly are D BEST BLOGGER ;)

  5. :P..Apny bestfriend k blog pr uski tareefian wo b 'anonymous' bn kr :P..buri baat :P
    nd wsy b ur judgmnt is biased! :P :D

  6. @ i dont need a name anymore, ws written very heartily...:)..
    @ovais...aww i will definitly continue it furthur:)

  7. @anonymous, hahahaha <3...nd i wonder wat good deeds did i do to get an angel like him...:))...i will keep on writing as long as my beshty stays by my side...nd em sure, its gona be forever <3 :)

    @ abey o anonymous....puwaaahhahaha shshhh it ws a secret :PPP

  8. boht pitega jal kukray :P26 November 2011 at 10:23

    @aby o anonymous.........hahaha kaam kar apna :P itna mal jal, rang kaala hojaega :P huh : P

  9. Muzna, my friend, if you ever decide to publish an anthology of yours, I will personally assist you during the publishing process! :)'
    I so love this! <3

  10. @ buhat pitega jal kukrai, shhshh, bsh ub :) <3

    @afsa, hahahah yaay u rock, thanks, i have been thinking of doing that!:D:)


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