Veiled Within

she journeyed within the circles of
the violent storm which,
keeps hitting her, over and over, 
and over and over again;

 but she doesn't stop,
 she doesn't give in;
 she still stays strong,
 and doesn't move.
she takes one resolute step after another
though left in broken pieces
she, doesn't even try, to
collect herself together

the anger throbs in her head,
 the frustration seeps in, 
 the obsession unravels
yet she remains hidden

but as her feelings 
find their way
she ardently starts to pray
 she doesn't want her eyes
 to give her secrets away...


  1. Left me speechless! How can you make the pain so alive and so real? You're awesome!
    This is a magnificent piece of poetry. Undoubtedly the one of the best. You are a painter whose paintings are as vivid as actual scenes. You have the skill to convey a feeling with such intensity that everyone HAS to feel it!
    Beautiful! Amazing! Marvelous!

  2. @quartertoinsane..thnx:)

    @whyte...i make the pain seem slive because it is...writing has become my only mode of communication maybe:) thanks:)

  3. she's one sad little girl. may she find the light that she's not even looking for.

  4. Wonderfully written!! It was indeed a flood of feelings and emotions :)

  5. "aliza...thnx:))

    "writng bee...awww...thanks:)

  6. This is awesome.

    Visit my blog and follow each other.


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ur tears dont neseccarily have to be sad ones...:D

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