Her Frail Strength

the cold keeps meeting her halfway
the night slowly crawls, over her bright days
and though the sunlight breaks away,
she walks,obliviously, carrying her broken faith

her stilted smile still remains
without a droplet from her eyes 
she drenches, in the rain
she is so dispassionate and stultified
yet she doesn't complain

she makes up her mind,
not to turn back
decides to leave it all behind
and prepares to combat

but as a vestige of memories,
suddenly break, and enter
her mind refuses to give in
her heart surrenders
and she unwillingly drifts away again,
to all that she still remembers


  1. It's so painful that it's beautiful! Definitely one of your best pieces :) Keep it up!

  2. once again it feels like you took my emotion and put it into,oh , so beautiful words.

  3. You are a much better poet than I am.
    That's like the best compliment I could think of, to be honest.

    Anddd you have a.. way.. or a gift.. for expressing your emotions.

  4. @hamza nd the tearful..thanx:)

    @the butterfly effect...awww...:)
    @ ovais...heehehe thnx...so much...:) i hope i wud be able to mke gud use ov it wen i grow up:)

  5. i luv it <3 and im reading this from school :P


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ur tears dont neseccarily have to be sad ones...:D

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