burnt by the ashes of time...!

she still sees her reflection
inside your eyes...
its searching for all answers
its searching for some life...

as she lags behind in your shadows
she tries to move on
she staggers to proceed forward
but the past keeps intruding in her dawns

she lingers with all the memories
they drift her away
they get rid of all her worries...
they save her from going astray

and as the days go by...
all she does is lie...
for all the tears she cried...
for all that happened
...once upon a time...

she hopes for redemption
she keeps watching for the stars
she is surrounded by pretensions
she keeps plunging in the dark

confused within her own existence,
she forgets where she belongs...
all she recalls
is the blooming rose,
but she doesnt remember
its thorns...!


  1. amazingly expressed!

  2. awww...this is shooo touching!! :')


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ur tears dont neseccarily have to be sad ones...:D

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