...i wake up amidst the ILLUMINATING darkness and hear a lot of clittar  clatter nearby...i hear a fry pan sizzling and a kettle simmering...! the smell of hot toasts and omelets tingle my nose...and the aroma of chocolate pudding,suthar pheni,dates and kebabs evoke my taste buds! i shook my head in order to clear my mind about why the hell was this all  happening in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!

suddenly i hear my cell phones alarm ring and i realised...AHHHH i ts sehri time!:D
finally Ramzan is here....:)...bringing along its usual scent, and the feeling of holiness which precipitately rushes through even the sin fullest person`s veins!:D...i love the way this month has the ability to wake up the spirits of so many muslims in the middle of the night just to eat a few bites:)...i love the way our school timings get so short that we are able to come home soon...i love the way everybody starts being so kind to each other...THAT THEY DONT fail to pass saccharine smiles even under the hot sizzling karachi sun:P...the way every ramazan all restaurants come up with their own iftar and sehri deals...and no matter how cheap they are hut's ALL YOU CAN EAT...always ends up beating them all...:D

...i also just absolutely love love LOVE  the way we all remember to take out our beloved qurans this month and take a look at it...the way most of us go to the masjid for taraweeh prayers at night...and the way this months TYPICAL iftar consists of juice,samosas,pakoras,chutneys,raitas,chats.dahi baras,cholas, and anything fried...:P
and the way before iftari we think we could eat a whole turkey yet still we end up eating as much as our little tummies allow!:P...!

so this is to all the AWESOMENESS  ramzan brings along with it...including sleepyeyes at Fajr, sleepy eyes<yet again> at Zuhr, pitifully wishful faces at Asr,fat tummies after Maghrib, and going all shoppalicious after Isha,...:D



  1. Wowwwww, first comment on frat visit, am glad u dropped by my blog, I had awesome time here, loved the post u have got good vocabulary loved the pictures but they made me hungry

  2. hehe thnx even i am delighted u dropped by:D yeah the pictures made me hungry too:PPP

  3. the whole highlighting some words thing! my post idea! hahaha copy cat!:PP jk nice change but girly in a non-you way!:P

  4. @EZAzi...:P jee nhi...:P i hav done the same in my earlier posts too:PP...ahahaha yeah i feel like "not being me" nowadays:P
    @hamza..ramzan mubarak to u too:)

  5. Hey! Not only Muslims but it brings about ek ekdum alag feeling in everybody!
    You should Google or maybe come visit Mohd. Ali road someday. All meat lovers go there and literally hog :p Even people who don't keep Roza!

    BTW Ramadan Mubarak :)

  6. I guess its a little late ! Ramadhan Mubarak :)
    Great Post :)
    I too love the way every one is in the Holy Month :)


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