a lullaby for my mortal angel...!:)

sleep sweet my angel,sleep sweet
get in those covers, and in your white bed...
forget about everything
to rest your insomniac head!

sleep sweet my angel sleep sweet.
and when you seal your eyes...
escape from this world...
go up above high
and when you touch the velvet sky
do bid goodbye
to all evil, to all lies
and darling please
when you fall in your deep sleep...
fall...with a happy state of mind!

sleep sweet my angel,sleep sweet
and when you start to deem
forget about every misery you deem
make sure you follow that silver beam
because i am certain, that your final destiny
will give you all you need

but as you proceed...
and suddenly remember me...
who is left here crying about your finalty
who is lost in the pages of your mortality
who said she will love you...for eternity
but you should know...
that darling when  you see me weep
dont for a second destroy your sweet sleep
because there is someone else...
whose love is full of divinity
its the God above...who loves you more, who loves you deep
who says that you were never
the worlds to keep...
so sleep sweet my angel, sleep sweet...!:)


  1. Hmm......excellent work muz....m impressed...wat waz ur inspiration for this piece..??

  2. a simple idea exceptionaly well expressed!

  3. Muzna! You should publish an anthology of yours, you know! This is like..awesome! ;D'

  4. Hiya that is so lovely. Where is the image from?


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ur tears dont neseccarily have to be sad ones...:D

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