in the webs of sorrow...!

I see a piece of broken glass on the palm of my hand...! A piece...alas that’s all what’s left of that delicate glass...yet I still don’t dare to throw it away...!

To prevent it from stop it from slipping away...I close my palm snugly. I don’t ease my grasp for even a second...because I am afraid of it falling again...!
The tighter I hold onto it, the more it hurts...the more resolute and stubborn my grip becomes the more I feel the pain searing in...! I look down to notice the scars which have started delving in my innocent palm, and the blood which had started dripping down if its afraid of missing out on if it just wants to get to the end...!

The pain becomes excruciating, and it forces me to relegate the broken piece from the base of my hand, which no longer looks like a palm...but resembles a destructed field, with lifeless and decomposed flowers budding inside it...!
As the evil piece slowly falls and strikes the ground, I witness it breaking into a million smaller pieces, I stare at the angry termination of the piece, and experience the wicked pain parting from me, unexpectedly I feel stronger then before as I break away from the tangled webs of sorrow...
I realize that all this time I had been holding onto the leftover piece perfunctorily, and even though I found no elation in it, but I still held onto it, because of the fear that had comfortably nestled inside me, and had secured its perpetual domination over my feeble mind!
now when I look back, I don’t see a wounded and scarred person...I see myself as a survivor from the dark shadows of my past, and feel my dismal turning to wisdom...which loudly says...that sometimes… the best way to hold on let go!


  1. muznah tauheed26 May 2011 at 07:34

    beautiful.....and expressed wonderfully..:D..:D..:')

  2. amazing....loved the sketching...the expressions...and fell in love with the emotions...:-) keep it up!

  3. zahir hai sheeshay ko itni jahilon ki tarah pakro gi to yahi hoga :P haha, but besides dat i find dis article absolutely enchanting :) i esp luv the ending, the truth of it and the hope it instills in2 u :):)

  4. arfa here...oayyy good ha yaar!! :D never knew you could express this well :P :P

  5. nicely linked, but avoid words like percieve, and terminate when not needed, simple is better. kudos tho :)

  6. :) the anonymous person above me...just tukl ur advice nd chngd the word percieve to smthng else...:)...!

  7. true say muzna. but its not always like that, sometimes that piece just wouldn't fall, or it's too late that its already deep inside my skin, in which case, taking it out, to let go, would hurt more than keeping it in.

    following back. i loved the post. it wasn't that it's relate-able it's that the way you write intriggues me and reminds me of someone i used to know.

    p.s. it would be more grammatically correct if you let go of "..." although the dots are convenient, but they're not grammatically right. i know the feeling of being spaced out, but using the dots doesnt mean our writing has to be, too:)

    p.p.s following you back:)

  8. @the butterfly effect...yeah but having the glass stuck in you for years is better than letting it go..and feelng the pain all at once...:)
    and thankyou so much:)
    in language 3 dots are grammatically rite...but less than 3 or more than three are wrong...:) check anywhere:)


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