Exam Fever..!!!!!!

<nokia tune>...i pick up..."hey whats going on?? " <voice on the other end squealing> " exams season thats whats going on"...

we enter the examination venue...silence prevails...only the sound of our footsteps...the opening of our pencil boxes...and the sniff of a random person nearby...! normally these voices go unheard, unnoticed! but today...all these sounds seemed to be awkwardly hanging around in mid-air, as if sniffing and walking are a major sin that the doer is committing and now he has to pay for it!
as we start settling roll number wise in our uncomfortable chairs, we look around at each others faces, and see that the person sitting beside our chair is just a random class mate, whom we had never before bothered talking to...but right now they seemed like the closest of friends, because each was going through the same terrifying trauma...the same deadly fever...the same phobia...! we pass watery smiles at each other, and it feels like we have suddenly made a new best friend...and that suddenly a new term of friendship has evolved in that venue...the "exam buddies"...! :D

we hear a breath over the microphone...and we turn or attention to the speaker...
" welcome to the IGCSE board examination....you are now under full restrictions and we hope that you follow through the rules or the circumstances will be severe...goodluck for your paper" :)
i snort...wow what a warm welcome...!
we see the invigilator entering our room...and suddenly all eyes are upon "him"...everyone of us draws in sharp breaths...because the person standing in front of us was not just a stranger man who had come to invigilate...but he was a 6 feet 8 inch tall guy..a fair complexioned, dark haired and a looping smile kinda guy...! so he wasnt just a guy...NO NO thats an understatement...he was the guy of every girls dream...:D
my "exam buddy" frowns...and i try stifling my laughter...because i know what she is thinking...she is thinking what every girl is thinking...which was..
"thats not fair...the British council did this to us on purpose, they want us to fail in our examination...otherwise whats the point of presenting us with such an angelic\devilish...guy :D

suddenly our teenage thoughts get diverted to something even bigger...the "paper" itself...!
as the angelic\devilish invigilator distributes the paper...we feel our hearts racing at the speed of a race car who is just about to win the race...! and trust me this time we were sure that our heart beats werent beating the rock tune for the guy...they were beating in tune with the paper...!
i look down on the paper...and smile...i see familiar Questions! i look up to see similar faces...as if each of our hearts had met a moment ago and had come up with a consensus...that the paper was easy!
the sound of the scribbling of pencils..could be heard...and this time it wasnt a sinful and an awkward sound...it was a symbol for victory that each of us knew how to fill our papers...:):)


  1. muznah tauheed25 May 2011 at 07:54

    ..:D...loved it...:D.. luking 4ward 4 ur next blog..:D..:D

  2. awww cute :D:D lov how it perfectly describes the feelings wen u first encounter a "board paper"! :D
    really nyc...esp d invigilator wala paret :P :)


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