hmm...after a month of racking my brains about what to do next...i found out this blog to be the best...:)
people who first stopover my blog and read its name might think that its all about a sob story of a teenage girl, crying over her bad hair day, her new crush, or her recent breakup...!;)...
Why do people take feelings as necessarily cheerless? Are feelings really all that bad? Are feelings really all that threatening?
In my opinion feelings form our my opinion feelings dont necessarily mean "feeling sad"...or "feeling depressed" can mean "feeling happy" or feeling "joyful".."feeling loved"...etc other words they are a way of living our life…!
People say that feelings are for feeble hearted people...who aren’t strong enough to be in charge of their emotions, well that’s not true...dont we "feel" angry...dont we "feel" like hooting when in high spirits?...dont we "feel" like eating...?
And I am sorry to burst your bubble but you must be really weak hearted if you don’t "do what you feel like" ;)

By the title floodgate of feelings, I mean to make this blog a mode for conveying whenever i am happy or sad!

doesn’t anyone find it weird that, feelings are stronger then us...they conquer us, they "floodgate" us...:)
Yet still, they don’t "play" with us...we play with them:)


  1. Absolutely. To become sentimental because you really care and feel. You raise your voice because you really FEEL that whats happening is wrong.
    You go and lie between your parents because you really FEEL that parents are everything.Even you even Drive very fast and furious and rash because you FEEL that what will happen if you lose this race.

    Every one first Feels and then do accordingly :D Its not ZALIM feel nai karta haha. Its because He FEELS good in being bad :)


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ur tears dont neseccarily have to be sad ones...:D

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