she bookmarked you

She picks up the dusty old book,
and runs her hand over the fine thick cover, opens it
Nostalgia hits,
as she turns the pages, it flows open right onto the chapter she loved the most,
and reading the words, she realized that she could read them with her eyes closed, they were committed to her mind, and written all over her heart,
the valued words, attached to those treasured memories, which were not only the frivolities of those days gone by, but were the white light, which had guided her, the halo on her head which identified her, the wings on her back which helped her fly high, the white dress which made her feel safe and untainted,

She hoped the chapter to never end, because it still helps her figure things out, when they go wrong, it still helps her be faithful, it still makes her smile everytime she cries.

You were something sincere in her life.
Something precious.
And the only thing true.
So she bookmarked you.


  1. reading this made me think of my diary... :')

  2. These words are beautiful as they come from the heart.

    There is no other way to put it, except to say its your pain. And how ironic that pain can sound so beautiful.

    I hope your pain gows away. I pray that ur heart finds peace. And I hope that you have the strength to just let it be.

    Silence breeds pain as warmth breeds bacteria, I've heard. But I don't think its true. I think words breed pain as much as silence does. Hurt like this never goes away. All we have is but one option. To move beyond it. But its impossible sometimes especially when we don't want to let go. Isn't it?

  3. beautifully true words,
    yeah, words do breed pain, they seep inside, and settle in, reminding us of their existence, each time we forget...

    we cant do anything in life, if we don't want to, thats why letting go of the things we love the most, become a mere impossible task...

  4. Beautiful poem from the unique character of an angel :)


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ur tears dont neseccarily have to be sad ones...:D

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