smile, theres a whole new day left...

love ends the minute you stop wanting to be with that person, and begin trying too hard.
love isnt love, when you have to fight hard for being happy,
its unconditional, and ends the minute someone starts laying conditions,

at that point we should realise that,
it was just a lesson, from God,
and we need to extract something positive out of it,
since God makes no mistakes.
since He has written each of us a life of our own, a life, which definitely, has the ability to give us the best:)
all we need to do, is look hard, and keep in mind that,
there is always hope,

theres a sun in the day, and there are stars in the dark, there is a moon in a starless sky, and there is a rainbow after rain.


  1. This one is so true! :) It's something everyone must read. It's an amazing piece :) You are a prolific writer, no doubt! :)


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ur tears dont neseccarily have to be sad ones...:D

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