Hearing Her Heart

The pain is digging in her soul
her insides are searing
as she watches it all drift away
she cant help screaming...

but either her screams go unheard
or you have stopped believing
maybe something went misunderstood
or maybe, the scars
hold too much meaning...

now it feels like she's holding on
to whats no longer breathing
what used to make her strong
has left her bleeding...

all the lies are easier to face
its just the truth, which isn't leaving
but as her hope sinks lower,
that faith,
is still not depleting

because, when she thinks
over and over,
if the pain is worth the dealing?
she always finds an answer
by her floodgate of feelings....:)


  1. This is...full of feelings.

    It's so dark. Yet full of light.

    Amazing poem =)

    I hope you ease this pain of yours soon, it'll fade. Remember you are strong! Keep believing! :)

  2. Beautiful poem. :)

    Stay strong. Stay blessed. <3

  3. its so sad and dark :( but that doesn't mean that its not awesome =D the first two stanzas are simply amazing

  4. @quarter to insane, aasiyah and aliza...:) thankyou:)

    @ the burnt star...belive! thats wats keepng me alive rite nw:)


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ur tears dont neseccarily have to be sad ones...:D

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