the WAKE UP call:)

she looks at her reflection and starts to cry...what had happened to her all these years...?...what changed...? did she? or were it the people who forced her to change...?
 It was only he who made it right for her...he was her warden...he was loyal to her...he never abused her...and never marred her...!
She kneels down on the floor and starts weeping again...! She again ponders hard over what had altered over these 64 years...!
...and she realizes that...its not everyone who had changed...its just those some people who detest her and blame her everyday...its just those some people who are killing small parts of her everyday...its just those some people who would do anything to get rid of her...and the people who love her...its just those some people who are creating divisions ubiquitously...!

She is crying for assistance...she is searching for pity...she is seeking for a revolution...she is in quest for precision...!

i think by now you know who i am talking about...:)

come on people time to bring a change...its time to wake up and realise how much our Pakistan needs a Quaid like Quaid e azam:)

so what if we are just normal people…so what if we have  a “busy schedule”…so what if we are “selfish”...!
cant we just put that little aside for someone who has given us so much!
 cant we just for once move on from something bitter to something better?
 cant we just for once believe in those cliched sayings that keep repeating..."small contributions lead to big differences"..and "charity begins at home"..and etc etc!:)

for once let us together build the wall of patriotism,love and humanity which would brick away all the selfishness, violence and dishonesty...! 
       ...and together let us mean it when we say...
                      PAKISTAN ZINDABADH:)


  1. You will have to make up for the smallness of your size by your courage and selfless devotion to duty for it is not life that matters but the courage, fortitude and determination you bring to it. Quaid-e-Azam..

  2. Pakistan Zindabad !
    Keep it up ;)

  3. u have been awarded at my blog, come and get it.
    OMG, that was the post of the day for me..
    simply the best.
    Pakistan!!!!!! keep rocking :D with people like muzna :D

  4. Whenever i saw those Pakistanis who motivate instead of criticize' I become more confident that this Nation shall rise again to the best of the heights :D
    I really agree on that "We need a Quaid like Quaid-e-Azam". For that i can see Imran Khan can do that :)
    A patriotic Follower ;)

  5. wow. this time realli is a wakeup call. to bad most of us are still sleeping.

    well written, keep it up =)

    and i am ur follower now...

  6. Its time for all of us to wake up!

    Pakistan Zindabad =)

  7. " few have the greatness to make a difference;however each of us can work to change a small portion of events; and in the sum of all those acts, will be written the history of this generation."
    great work!

  8. Thought provoking! Another great blog :)

    Long Live our Motherland! =D

  9. Your post left me thinking. Hope everybody does their bit to improve the situation.

  10. @silent observer...:)...thanks...what did you mean by "ANOTHER" great blog...have you really read all my blogs:) ?

    nd sh@s...the post has been blogged by me to leave people pakistan really all that bad...or are we? :)
    @mahnoor nd ridx...thnx:)
    @imad khan...ateeg mughal and saqlain...thanx...nice to see such patriotic people:)


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